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MCString Member List

This is the complete list of members for MCString, including all inherited members.

Decode(CString &sValue) const MCStringvirtual
elements (defined in std::map< K, T >)std::map< K, T >
Encode(CString &sValue) const MCStringvirtual
keys (defined in std::map< K, T >)std::map< K, T >
MCS_EOPEN enum valueMCString
MCS_EREADFIL enum valueMCString
MCS_EWRITE enum valueMCString
MCS_EWRITEFIL enum valueMCString
MCS_SUCCESS enum valueMCString
ReadFilter(CString &sKey, CString &sValue) const MCStringinlinevirtual
ReadFromDisk(const CString &sPath)MCString
status_t enum nameMCString
WriteFilter(CString &sKey, CString &sValue) const MCStringinlinevirtual
WriteToDisk(const CString &sPath, mode_t iMode=0644) const MCString