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CBuffer Member List

This is the complete list of members for CBuffer, including all inherited members.

AddLine(const CString &sFormat, const CString &sText="", const timeval *ts=0)CBuffer
CBuffer(unsigned int uLineCount=100)CBuffer
elements (defined in std::deque< T >)std::deque< T >private
GetBufLine(unsigned int uIdx) const CBuffer
GetLine(size_type uIdx, const CClient &Client, const MCString &msParams=MCString::EmptyMap) const CBuffer
GetLineCount() const CBufferinline
IsEmpty() const CBufferinline
SetLineCount(unsigned int u, bool bForce=false)CBuffer
Size() const CBufferinline
UpdateExactLine(const CString &sFormat, const CString &sText="")CBuffer
UpdateLine(const CString &sMatch, const CString &sFormat, const CString &sText="")CBuffer